Error NoMethodError in ListingsController#create

Hi, I am getting an error when creating a listing: NoMethodError in ListingsController#create undefined method `call' for "result == false":String. The params are passing through but it is 500 internal server error. here is my listings_controller.rb with create action def create @listing = #setting user id of the current user @listing.user_id = respond_to do |format| if format.html { redirect_to @listing, notice: 'Listing was successfully created.' } format.json { render :show, status: :created, location: @listing } else format.html { render :new } format.json { render json: @listing.errors, status: :unprocessable_entity } end end end here is my github: please help me thank you

Posted about 4 years ago by ziv zamechek
Posted about 4 years ago by Alex Yang

Hey ziv, the Ask a Developer section is for non-course-related questions. I responded to the comment you posted in the Discussion thread beneath the video.