Welcome to BaseRails

Hello and welcome to BaseRails!

First of all, congratulations on starting your journey into web development; the first step is always the hardest.

I think of learning to code as working on a 100,000-piece jigsaw puzzle. There are tiny pieces strewn everywhere and you have no clue where to even start. BaseRails will serve as an instruction manual on how to put all those puzzle pieces together.

As a self-taught developer, I take a more practical approach to learning than most traditional classes. My goal is to get you up to speed faster and save you months of time in building your own web apps.

Along the way, we’ll learn to use the latest versions of popular technologies. We’ll be working with Ruby on Rails, as well as front-end tools like Twitter Bootstrap and CSS. We’ll touch upon databases with SQLite; APIs with Stripe;  and even hosting platforms such as GitHub, Heroku, and Dropbox.

Don’t worry if it all seems a little overwhelming now, this course was intended for a complete beginner. We’ll learn in layers by covering the basics first before moving onto more advanced features.

Each section is broken down into 5 – 15 minute videos that will take you through implementing a specific piece of our app.  

With these videos, I recommend following along the first time around as we build our Demo App together. When you’re ready to implement your own idea, go back and review the sections that are still a little unfamiliar.

I believe that feedback and support are crucial to self-learning which is why I’ll do my best to respond to emails within 24 hours. You can reach me at alex@baserails.com

By the end of this course, you’ll have the ability to apply what you’ve learned toward building any idea of your own.

Good luck and Happy coding!

- Alex

2 thoughts on “Welcome to BaseRails

  1. Hi when exactly did you launch this course? It seems great and cover all the up to date topics and challenges begging developers would face!

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